I have my reasons you know…

All right. So I bet you think that I totally neglected this site seeing as I haven’t updated my blog for a fricken month, but I haven’t. I would have updated long ago, but I’ve been working on themes for the site, and then my laptop decided to either blow a fuse in the motherboard (which is going to run me 700 bucks) or the AC adapter decided to be a woman on PMS and stopped working as well. You know what that means? That means that I’m stuck with my desktop, which is slower than a snail on marijuana. But…

I’m taking a bit of a vacation. I’m in Florida right now. I’ve been here since last Saturday, and I’ll be back on Tuesday. So I’m chilling with family right now in a nice quiet neighborhood where the population is 99.99999% senior citizens. But I did go to a club for the first time in the 21 years I’ve been haunting this earth. I had 1 (and a half) Long Island Iced Tea(s), and a shot of what was told to me by my cousins, grape Kool-Aid. No, I didn’t believe them. No, I wasn’t drunk either. Either I can hold the liquor very well, or I was so messed up that I couldn’t tell if I was sober or drunk. Nah, but I had a good time. If I’m going to take another vacation, I’m going to California. Yes, Angel, give me a few to gather up a large sum of dough, and I’ll be perched where my cousins are right now–San Diego.

So I’m sorry that I left you folk hanging for so long. If a very powerful higher deity is willing, I can probably get online from my desktop on Tuesday…or Wednesday. *shrugs*And I’m sorry that this is a short entry. I have a few pics, so maybe I might get lucky and get online so I can show you all. 🙂 Hang on, dahlings!

9 thoughts on “I have my reasons you know…”

  1. I was wondering what the fuck happened to you, lol. It’s good to know that you didn’t fall off the face of the earth and I’m sorry to hear about your lappie. This my friend is why I avoid them like the plague, hah. Anyway, hopefully I’ll be able to talk to you some time soon. I have some ideas for Alluring that I want to run by you that may have us revamping entirely. Anyway, talk to you later. Miss you dahling!!!

  2. Hiya, Glad to hear you’re having fun in Florida. I’ve never been there… I’ve only ever visited the West Coast. But Florida and DisneyWorld sound like heaps of fun!

    I love Long Island Ice teas! Peach Daiquiri (sp?) are pretty good too. My favourite shot? Definitely not vodka. Burns… Southern Comfort is quite tame. Kinda like maple syrup. LOL. Or else, I was too smashed to differentiate the tastes? 🙂

  3. Uggh! I hate when I have computer problems. Right now I’m debating whether I have a virus. It seems to be gone & I have protection, so I hope so.

  4. Dead computers I can relate to. Especially when my best monitor was in repair… I kept bringing my old and battered one here and then back to my room… and it wasn’t particularly light either. Hope your laptop’s going to be fine.

    Only old people? Must be one boring neightbourhood… but if you have cousins there maybe not that much

    On a side note, I’d advise you to make things more obvious to newcomers (like me) I had to hover my mouse around this entry for 5 minutes before I found the comment link. Also, such a dark layout is not a particularly good choice, since I can see the whole room relected in my monitor.

    Other than this, hope everything’ll be fine and you’ll get your laptop back sooner than you expected.

  5. Ugh, computer problems are terrible. You would think that with all the technology we have today that we could actually figure out a way so that our computers wouldn’t be so frustrating. Hope you get your laptop back soon.

    Have fun on your vacation =)

  6. Taking vacations is great, especially the kind where you don’t know your going until that day when you just decide to up and leave. Just don’t be like me and look and realize that you might not have enough to get home, that’s never a good thing. LMAO.

  7. Good luck with your computer problems. I would be so sad if my computer stopped working. Maybe it’s time that you bought a new one? Or upgraded the desktop so it wasn’t so slow. Have fun on your vacations. Sounds like you get to go to some really fun places!

  8. Aw, it sounds like you’re having fun with your family in Florida. I love Long Island Iced Teas (and I’m from Long Island, whoa!) Computer problems suck. If getting your laptop fixed ends up costing you that much money, you might as well get a brand new one.

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