Sitting on the toilet…

Sitting on the toilet, waiting for my bowels to move, I gotta doo-doo, I gotta doo-doo… Oh, sorry. That was a song my sister made up years ago, and I managed to remember it.

So here’s another Mobile Meme, on colored people time, late as usual. I don’t know where Krissy gets her ideas from, but oh man…this is the best. So I present to you the place I spend at least an hour in per day washing my ass, brushing my teeth, and taking a shit: my bathroom.

Peach Madness

My mom has a fixation on the color peach. Now I love the color peach. But a baby blue would have been cute too. Luckily my dad isn’t fussy about it like some men. Well, he doesn’t have much of a choice since he’s outnumbered with three women and a girl in the house. Smell: it actually smells decent. But then again, my dad hasn’t come in here as of yet.

Also, with the help of this lovely gadget:

Breath of Fresh Air?

Which is another version of the Ionic Breeze thing with the filter, the stench doesn’t get as bad as it used to. It wasn’t intended for that use, but it’s helped a bit. Thank QVC for that one. It’s pretty clean in here. Especially the toilet.

Sitting on the Toilet

Some toilet bowls have piss and shit stains in them. Hell, some bathrooms I’ve been in, you’re better off using a bush. But my mom values a clean bathroom, so she ain’t having no piss stains anywhere in the bathroom.

See: Proof that this family cleans at least this tub at least once a week.

The Joys of Tilex

Let me tell you the story about this clock. I don’t know where my mom got it, but this is one of two clocks we have in the bathroom. Yes, two clocks. So naturally we have no excuse for being late for work. Well, anyway, the problem with this clock is that it’s merely for decorative purposes now. Why? No batteries. I’m sure she has one AA battery laying around the house somewhere, but she hasn’t gotten around to changing it. So now it’s doing this ticking sound, but the clock isn’t moving. Furthermore, it doesn’t go with the rest of the color scheme anyway. Fix it, or get rid of it.

Tick Tock

And that concludes my bathroom tour. Glad you kept your feet, hands, and dicks inside the cart.

Okay, new layout. It’s late, I know. I was like “What should I do it on?” Then I scooted my way over to Foto Decadent and I saw two sets of pictures–this one which, from my understanding, is from a Playstation ad, and another set that had a jungle/Tarzan type theme. I might use the jungle set for another layout here. I dunno. I also kinda…experimented with the pseudo classes in CSS. Hence the first letters in the titles are in another font other than the rest of the text. I surprised myself–I got it right on the first try, lol. Yay.

Warning: Some TMI is here on out until I say so. I suggest you not read if you are eating, or if you have just finished eating. But if you want to be bold and read anyway, don’t say I didn’t warn you, and leave a nasty comment saying how you got nauseous and lost your breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

I went to Maryland this weekend. I travelled sick as fuck, but I got over it. Here’s what happened. On Friday, I had pretty bad stomach cramps. I thought that maybe it’s because my period was coming, but then it hit me–I never get cramps before a period. I do, however, get diarrhea. I had it earlier in the morning, but my stomach wasn’t cramping up. I get to my program, and at around 10am, it starts. At first I didn’t have to use the bathroom, but then at around 12 noon, I tried again. Well, I had the diarrhea, but it wasn’t normal. It was like I was pissing out of my ass basically. I thought that it’d be over after that. Nope. I went to get my hair done, and when I got home, it started again. Then it eased up a little. I was able to eat some jerk chicken and ribs. I was fine until the next day.

Well, morning. My dad woke me up a quarter to 4 to get ready to leave for Maryland. I went to the bathroom and the pissing continued. I went to make some tea, to see if it would help, and before I was able to even take a sip, I was in my bathroom, throwing up. I have no idea what the fuck I was throwing up. Between the ass-pissing, and more ass-pissing, I had nothing in my stomach. After that, I felt a little better, so I grabbed my tea and I went to the van.

I slept most of the way. My dad got some Pepto Bismol, and when I woke up, my mom gave it to me. I thought that maybe it will help. Nope. We get to the Maryland House so we can get some breakfast. Nope. As soon as I get out of the van, I start throwing up again. This time, it was the chamonille tea and Pepto Bismol I brought up. No food, and it would be another few hours before I was able to eat. So my mom bought me a Cinnabon (I know, but it was either that or chicken, and well…you can’t eat chicken with a sour stomach) and some Sprite. I got to my grandma’s house, and I went back to sleep for a little longer, then I went for the Cinnabon and another can of Sprite. For some reason, the only thing I was actually able to keep down was the Sprite. Even Pepto Bismol, which was supposedly for (*does the Pepto Bismol dance*) nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach and diarrhea didn’t help. So I took another nap afterwards, and when I woke up, I was loads better. I went in the shower to get ready for my cousins’ graduation party (which was the reason why I came down here to begin with). Just to be safe, I drank another can of Sprite (this would be number three). Then I was on my merry way.

Besides that Cinnabon, I had nothing in my stomach but fluids. So when I got to this party, I got myself some grub. I started small to see what kind of reaction my stomach would have from it, but then when I realized that it’s going to be okay, I got daring and had macaroni and cheese with jerk chicken. I didn’t eat much of anything really. The only thing I ate from beginning to end was the cake and corn. Oh yeah, they made about 40 pieces of corn. If I wasn’t wary on how much I ate, and if my crazy behind cousin didn’t say that there wasn’t any more corn, I would have eaten more than three pieces. I felt so much better, that at around 1am, I wanted a burger. 😆 I didn’t get it though. Damn.

So by Sunday I was so much better, and I ate myself some Popeyes chicken when I was going back home. It was a good thing I ate that since it took about 7 fricken hours to get home. It usually only takes 4. We had loads of traffic from when we got on the highway until we got home. Then my niece wanted to take a piss, so we had to stop…twice. Then my uncle and aunt’s car stalled on the Verrazano Bridge. So we ended up not getting home until 11:15. We left my grandma’s house at 4:30. When I got home, I was not only happy that I was home so I can go to sleep, but because I had ordered TS2: University last Sunday and it came on Saturday. I wish it had came a day earlier though. Stupid USPS! But at least my set is complete…for now.

(Damn, this blog is already longer than I’ve ever made…too bad it’s going to be longer.)

Speaking of The Sims 2, you know that legacy challenge right? I have been highly addicted to a lot of stories that goes by the rules of that challenge. I like it, and if I gather enough balls to be bound by rules, I will take part in it. But what I might do is make a Sims 2 story page featuring my newest Sim. But I don’t know yet.

I either need to close, or at least update it. I haven’t had a new layout there in so long. But it’s not my fault–blame it on this brain of mine. I can’t even chuck out a layout for this site.

You know what’s pissing me off right now? My radio keeps getting all staticy. I’m listening to jazz right now, and the station is just so full of fucking static!! I keep fixing the antenna, but it doesn’t want to work! 😈 Whatever. Won’t run up my blood pressure on trivial stuff like that.

And I won’t bore you any more with this exceedingly long blog. I just felt the need to blog today. Maybe it’s because I had an interesting weekend for once? I dunno.

19 thoughts on “Sitting on the toilet…”

  1. Nice bathroom. I admit, it’s very clean, haha. I love the peach color scheme in it too.

    Your layout is beautiful 🙂 I remember seeing those photos in foto decadent.

  2. Haha, that mobile theme things sounds cool. I might try it out next week or something. Your bathroom is really nice, even though it looks kind of small.

    I didn’t read through your entire blog, maybe because I just came home from a camp for kids I was a leader at, and I’m effing tired. So, I shall try to comment better next time Despair assigns me to comment on your site. 😛

  3. oOo, I’m definitly going to have to look into the sims challenge, i just bought it again yesterday, im so addicted! i LOVE IT! i want to play it at work, EVERYWHERE!..ech.. it sounds like you were pretty damn sick. i know how the diarrhea thing is though, THATS EXACTLY HOW I GET! i dont get crampy or anything, i just like ALWAYS have to poop~ good to know that im not alone LOL!

  4. Ohhh I’m so sorry you’ve been so sick. I hate hate hate having tummy troubles and throwing up more than just about anything else. I’ve had it bad like that before and it really sucks. I hope you are feeling totally better now. The little song is just omg funny as hell. And WOW that is one clean bathroom! I don’t really like the clock myself 😛 I’d tell your mom to get rid of it hahaha. But the ionic breeze thing is pretty cool. We usually use the little toilet refresher thingys that hang from the side of the toilet and fabreeze lol. OMG the peach reminds me of my late grandmothers bathroom it was like a damn peach explosion. Peach towels, Peach toilet seat cover and rug that goes around it. More peach rugs, Peach scented crap, Peach toothbrush holder, soap holder and everything else you can imagine. It was crazy all the peach in that damn bathroom. But I miss my gramma. Anywhoo, I think the new layout is pretty damn cool looking. You’ve done a good job, everything looks great. Luv you Nat!! 😀

  5. I like the layout. The pictures you used are nice. At first I thought they were from this one movie I watched, but I guess they’re not…

    I like your bathroom. It’s very nice. I think it’s nice when rooms have a color scheme… well, mostly because I’m kind of compulsive like that. Peach is a nice color. Mine’s just really, really white which is boring to look at.

    Ah, sorry you were not feeling well. When you have to go somewhere, that’s always the worst time to be sick. I remember once I had really bad stomach cramps on a car trip when it 100 degrees outside and I was smashed with four people in the backseat. Not fun. I was like “Someone, kill me now!”

  6. your bathroom looks really nice 🙂 nice and clean thats the way i li ke it! lol

    man it sounds like yuo had one hell of a time, poor thing being sick 🙁 i hateeee throwing up 🙁

  7. Oh, man. That sucked that you were so sick for an entire weekend. It absolutely sucks when that happens. I got sick like that years ago when my parents and I were on our way back home from vacation. Not fun. So I feel your pain. 😐

    And dude, your bathroom is…peachy. 😛

  8. My bathroom used to be that color, though we changed it to green. Nothing like spending time taking pictures of your bathroom!

  9. lol, your sister’s song is really funny. lol yes i see peach everywhere. and i love that spray thingy! it keeps your room nice-smelling. nice new layout! 😆

  10. HM I love that bathroom , mine is green, and indeed I love green but anyway lol really cool you have a clock in your bathroom… I iwsh I had one would let me arrive in time at work haha cya

  11. That was a very descriptive blog and I’m glad I wasnt eating anything, hah. Anyway, your bathroom is quite nice. I have so much cleaning to do before Hillary comes down, fun? PFFT, yeah right, hah. Anyway, I’m glad that you’re feeling better and hopefully you don’t have to experience that shit (no pun intended) again. 😛

  12. just came across this randomly, but your sister didn’t come up with that. it was a little “tune” by biz markie in the early 90s

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