Um…so…basicially…(no subject…again)

I’m out of random subjects, can’t you tell?

Well, my first week at the new program has been interesting…I found out that I have to be there for 3-6 months (*gasp*), so I guess I have to make the best of it.  Well…

1) We don’t get hot lunch, which is fine by me.  At least I don’t have to smell the stench of steamed broccoli and carrots…and curry chicken.  That just sickened me.  What do we get in place of the hot lunch? Sandwiches.  Not bad, but I can see myself getting tired of it within a month.

2) We actually go places.  I found out on Tuesday that they had two trips planned for this week.  Of course my ass went.  Hell, it’s free, and you don’t need a permission slip.  Next Friday we’re having a picnic, complete with the typical Memorial Day food–hamburgers and hot dogs, and keep in mind that I rarely eat hamburgers unless they’re grilled.  So I’m going to so enjoy that one.

Since it was only my first week, I only observed this.  Oh, and the fact that the population here is predominantly male…much older males…kinda scares me a bit.  Luckily it’s only for 5 hours.  But still, for three months? Golly!  I’m not thrilled about that.  I rather get a job so I can pay for this server, so that I don’t have to suck off some desperate person for money.  They’re saying I can, but it would have to be after 2:30, and that’s not possible.  Most jobs are done by 5:30, and I’m not one to do a 3pm to 11pm job.  In fact, that’s not a good idea.  I have to take public transportation, and I live in a not-so-good neighborhood.  With hardly any lights because they don’t really work well.  So…yeah, you see why I’m pushing the hosting thing so far?

I want to welcome back Angel back to sitehood.  Her site has been down for so long.  I’m glad it’s not down for good.  She’s hosted by me now. 🙂

Um…what else? I want some chocolate.  I had chocolate last night before I went to bed, but now I want more.  That’s what I should have gotten instead of that fruit ice bar type thingy.  Speaking of which, I’m about to go down to my kitchen and get it out of my freezer.  I’ll tell you how it tastes when I’m finished. And that is my random thought of the day.

I’m still working on my new project.  I’m almost done.  I need to make more themes for Entropy, but I don’t even know if I’m going to keep it open or not.  It’s practically dead, and I feel bad because I thought I’d be able to handle it and keep it active…I’m sorry Angel.

That’s all for now.  I need my blogging mojo back. I need a lot of stuff back…*sighs*

20 thoughts on “Um…so…basicially…(no subject…again)”

  1. Congratulations on the whole program thing. I know, “what is that fool thinking,” you’re probably asking, but let’s face it. As hard as it is, as bad as it may seem, it’s to help you out, right? And that’s awesome to know that you’re taking yourself to a level where bettering yourself is a path you are interested in taking. Most people just sit back and hope the problem goes away.

    As far as the work goes, it sucks the hours aren’t the best. Maybe after being there for a couple of weeks you can ask one of your coworkers if they can commute with you or something, so you don’t feel alone when you are traveling, or maybe they can pick you up from work? Just a thought.

    Good luck on taking over the e-world again… you can do it!

  2. Mmm, I could go for a yummy burger about now.
    You know, I’m glad that you’re going to be in the program for a while. Sometimes it’s just what you need. And relaxing is always a good thing, too. I hope that you can find some sort of web based job where you can make your own hours.
    I wish you the best 🙂

  3. Hey!

    Sandwiches are ok, but yeah, they’re pretty bland and can get boring by about a month or so. Scary how most of the people are older guys…. Good luck with the program! So that’s why you want the hosting thing to work our so much, I see that now. Good luck with that project also.

  4. yep, wont take long to get sick of sandwiches every day :(:( LOL! Want some chocolate? *sends you TONS* I work in a chocolate store LOL!

  5. mmmmmmmmm, chocolate. i had some nutella last night before i went to bed – yummy sugary chocolatey goodness in its best form 😀

  6. Wow, sounds like that program thing you’re attending is quite interesting. But I doubt it that I can join cause I’m just a little kid so most probably my parents won’t allow me and I live from a far away land. Haha, wtf.
    Chocolates are nice. They have this ingridient in them that makes people feel better. Eat more chocolates!

  7. Yay trips! Sounds like you’ll be having fun, which is always good 😀
    And man, I’ve been craving chocolate too. But not just any ordinary, run-of-the-mill kinda chocolate… oh no…. Dove chocolate. Oh, creamy goodness.

    Hope you have a good weekend! 😎

  8. I love fruit bars more than I love chocolate, I guess I’m cracked. Well it sounds like you’re making the most of a situation that probably isn’t ideal, hopefully you’ll get some good luck soon.

  9. Firstly, CHOCOLATE! WHERE???

    Your program doesn’t sound very fun at the moment, but who knows, maybe you’ll make friends with the many males there. Blogging’s kind of hard to keep up sometimes for me, but what I do is blog once a week or so and just talk about whatever floats into my head instead of reporting about what’s going on so it seems like less of a chore.

  10. You never know, in the long run this program may very well be the best thing that you’ve done for yourself. I know it doesn’t sound too great right now but the important thing is that you get well and start concentrating on you and your wants/needs. Maybe you’ll even make a friend or two while you’re there (aside from scary older men of course).

  11. yeah, that is really good about the program, that you’re there and that you pointed out things you already liek better about it… my friend was in one (that is if i’m right in thinking it’s a similar program as she was in) and even though she didn’t want to be there at first it really helped her out a lot, and she’s so glad she went… so, best of luck.. stay away form the older guys 🙁 yuck! haha some will probably be nice 🙂 and hey! lucky you get to go on free trips! definitly take advantage of those!!

  12. That program sounds like fun. I love grilled ham burgers..that’s the only way to go. You probly shouldn’t get a job if you don’t live in such a good area, but aren’t there shifts that are 3:30 till maybe nine. You could get a job in a mall? In canada the malls close at nine.
    Well have fun on your picnic and enjoy those hamburgers!

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