At a loss of a subject…

I can’t think of a subject, but that just means that this is going to be one very random blog.

So basically I’m done with the 6-week program, but they want me to do another one for a little bit longer.  I was supposed to go into outpatient therapy, but they felt like it’s not going to work as well as if I were to do more socializing and stuff like that.  It’s kind of hampering my plans to find a job, but hey, if I need it, I guess I’ll take it.

I’m thinking of selling services.  I’d sell layouts, but I don’t think anyone would buy them since I made one and it was overlooked, even though it was decent.  Why, you ask? Apparently unless I up my webhosting packages again, no one’s gonna buy. I think the prices are doable, and some people think so, but I’m getting some people saying “oh it’s pricy”.  I think it’s bullshit seeing as I’ve seen people sell 250MB’s space for 8 bucks a month.  Ah…whatever, I’m not giving up.  I just need some advertisement offers, preferrably for free until I actually get some money, so if you…you know, have advertisement on your site, tell me.  I’ll be the first to jump on the offer.

Nope, still haven’t figured out the smilie problem.  They’re showing up, but I can’t click on them…at all.  I know how to do the vars thing, and stuff like that, but I’m sure that’s not the problem.  I dunno…I’m about to give up on the whole thing.

What else? I realized something within this week.  You know how to get held by a significant other? Well, I haven’t had that hold in years.  I’m not trying to sound all needy, but people do need that comforting hold that no parent can give them.  That’s all I want…just to be held.  Is that hard to get these days?  Argh! I need to be held and fucked. Masturbation doesn’t help the cause at all.

Um…ahem.  I’m going to start working on a new project.  Make me busy and get my mind off of stuff.  I don’t know how much it’s going to work, but hey, worth a try, no?  Oh, and the project is secret until I finish it, whenever that is.

That’s all for now.  I’m bad.  I changed the layout and didn’t blog until years later, lol.  I’m bad…

12 thoughts on “At a loss of a subject…”

  1. If you make some layouts, I’ll buy one from you 🙂
    I am sorry I cannot provide a person to give you the love hold. I know what you mean, though.
    I hope that your therapy is helping and that you feel better about yourself 🙂
    Have a great night.

  2. Mhm..I’m thinking about advertising for free. Not until I get everything set up and everything. By the way, hope you become -cough- Held. ;]

  3. Since you’re just started off your hosting company, try to sell more for less.
    You’re going to have to do it regardless, to build up some loyal customers.

    People want alot of space and bandwidth, for less money.
    Offer plans that are over 1GB storage and 15GB bandwidth, and start the lowest plan at/around $5/monthly.
    Stop the highest shared plan at 4GB.

    Start your lowest reseller plan at 4GB, and cap it off at around 10GB (storage).

    You’re paying for a server you’re not even taking advantage of.
    I’d also consider a new design for the site. Try doing something that’s not based off of a personal site (yours). Make it look more professional.

  4. stopped in to show you some love! 😀 love your site and the colors! keep up the great work! take care and god bless! 😛

  5. It is hard to make money in anything related to the internet… I started out selling space off my reseller, gave it up and I just give the space away for free because no matter what you sell, someone is going to be selling it cheaper than you are or giving it away, especially things like layouts. But that doesn’t mean you should give up… you just have to get inventive. I advertised my webdesign services and hosting at my college and since then I get a steady stream of customers that don’t spend their lives on the internet like some of us do. Good luck with everything.

  6. I think your prices are reasonable. You just need to give things some time… get a few plans sold, get established as a reliable host, etc. I did webhosting from late 2002 thru late 2005, and it wasn’t until early 2004 that things started to really pick up. I know that sounds depressing, but yeah, that’s how it was… :/

    Also, I fully agree that there’s something very special and wonderful about having a signifcant other there to hold you and love you. I do hope you can find that special someone soon.

  7. This may sound really stupid, but couldn’t you just re-install them? Or choose a different script for the smileys?:smile: I just clicked on one, and it came up…as you can see. Wow…maybe I’m completely lost…and you probably think I’m a dumbass.

  8. which blog platform are you using? If you’re using wordpress1.5 or 2.0 and have the wp-grins installed it’ll only work in the admin panel because of coding changes within wordpress. Thankfully there’s a new clicky smilie plugin that can be found on It should work if you’re using 1.5 but I haven’t gotten the comment ones to click in 2.0 *shrugs*

    Hope that helped a lil bit 😉

  9. Ooh secret projects are fun. 🙂 Good luck with making money… There’s definitely not enough of it around these days 🙁

  10. Hey!

    LOL I’m back! Cool layout, I remember the pictures from America’s Next Top Model. It’s ok, hopefully you’ll find a way to make some money. Good luck with that project!

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