Do what now?

Do you see this shit?

My thoughts? Number one, she’s going to die within a few months.  Why the hell? Number two, her coochie is dried up, used up, and smells like old ass mackerel.  Why the hell?  Number three, this is her 21st marriage? 21 marriages?!! I have come to the conclusion that she’s a very old hussy…and he’s a very desperate man.

Anyway, that’s enough current events for one day.  My outpatient program is coming to a close next Friday, and that means I will be able to sleep in, but it also means that my life is slowly becoming normal…or at least my idea of normal.  Yeah, I’d have to still take meds, but beyond that, I can live a functional life, and go to work and make money like “normal” people can.

Speaking of making money, the psychologist there knows about my whole web design thing, and he came up with a good idea.  I was talking about how much my self esteem sucks ass, and this is what he said:

“The way to have self esteem is when you’re good at something.”

He’s implying that because I have a knack for web design, my self esteem would “skyrocket” once I acknowledge that knack and find a job in it, so I can make a shitload of money off of it.  Heh, I don’t know how true that may be, but if someone wants to hire me, I’m open.  After all, I have nothing better to do. Hahaha!

I need to figure out what the fuck is wrong with my smilies.  They’re showing up, but you can’t click on them, and it’s annoying as shit.   That’s why you see that I haven’t used much smilies.  Not because I don’t want to, but the wp-grins plugin is being a..well…how do I put this as inexplicit as possible…a cunt.  So if anyone had this problem, and fixed it, tell me, so I can do something about this situation.

Um…what else? Still in that negative rut, probably will never get out of it.  I have a crush on a guy who’s taken. Allergies suck ass. I’m horny…yeah, so you see, I’m losing that blogging mojo again.  I have a few things to type up for the writing part of this site.  They’re mostly monologues, but I dunno when I’ll get to type them…gotta get cracking, ha!

17 thoughts on “Do what now?”

  1. Eh, a 33-year-old and 104-year-old?!?! Oh, desperate, much? the guy I mean..

    Sorry about the sucky comment but I’m really just bordeline speechless about that marriage thing 😀

  2. Well, first of all, WTH at that marriage =O I’m not sure I believe the whole “respect and friendship had turned to love” bit o_o.. now I’m wondering, did he inherit a sum amount of money? Or what? o_0

    On another note, web designing can actually make a lot of money. And I mean A LOT. I don’t know how you find the right people to find you a job in it, but I hear there are lots of them out there. I say, go for it 😉

  3. I thought he was doing it for the cash until I read the part about her being poor… some people are just odd I guess? And we make fun of Taylor and Gabor XD

    But considering it’s a tabloid that originally reported it, it might not even be true.

  4. Hey there, you.
    I’m hoping that osmeone will hire you as a webdesigner. You have to find some new company and sneak your way in.
    WP-Grins won’t let me click on my smilies either. The comments ones work fine, but no, not the one for ME. Pfft. Wp is stupid sometimes.

  5. Well, they do say love is blind. Very, very blind… 😆

    Anyway I just edit my vars.php file when I want to add new smilies there is a path you can edit and change folders, much easier for me, anyway, and they work fine!

  6. LOL thats hilarious hahah fucking funny shit, why the hell!! lol “her coochie is dried up, used up, and smells like old ass mackerel.” that made me laugh so bloody hard LMAO i bet she does have money, i bet she has hundreds and thousands in a private trust account or something cos ewww why the hell would anyone want to touch that. old hussy

  7. I read about that couple in the newspapers and find it really strange,but to each his own,eh?
    I hope you really will make money with webdesign,I think it’s true what the psychologist said about self esteem.

  8. Holy crud! 21! She must be one crappy wife. That’s just…weird and creepy. That’s a … 71 year difference. That’s almost 4 times older than me. … Okay I’ll stop with the math but…yuck.

  9. eugh, rotten!

    Getting a job in webdesign is hard to come by, unless you set up your own business, and to do that you need money, but theres no secondary research you can do! I know this because I’ve done a whole feasibility study on doing it!

    but if you can set it up and are realistic, I dont see why you cant do it!

  10. That’s… creepy. Why would he want to get married to her? 21 marriages? Something is wrong there.

    Webdesign can be hard to start. I thought about something like it. I know that if you are good at it, it can bring in some money. Good luck!

  11. Err….WTF o_o She’s 104. Nasty. Oh well. If they truly love each other we can’t really say anything about it, can we? o_o

    Glad to hear your life is gonna become normal again. But really, what’s “normal”? I think it just depends on our point of view, what we encounter daily.

    Ah, I hope you do get a job in webdesign. That’d be hella fun XD And I hope you get the smilies thing fixed. That’s why I don’t have smilies on my site hahaha.

    Try to be positive 🙂

  12. We spent an entire U. S. History class period discussing whether or not they are in love. It was actually more like a debate; I half expected these two kids to throw down right there in the classroom.

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