1,000 words…1,000 embraces…

I love that song, and then I saw it on someone’s layout and now I can’t get it out of my head. Which is a good thing because I love that song to no end, lol.

So my Achilles tendon is being a bitch. It’s really hard to walk down the stairs because it’s just so gruesome, ugh! I couldn’t even leave my house today, because of it. I didn’t have this problem for months, and now it’s back. Makes me happy I’m not going back to Target. Hah.

Speaking of jobs, since Angel and Alecia both have new jobs, that means that the last third (a.k.a. me) has to find one too. I need to email my cousin about the temp agencies. That’s what it looks like I’ll be doing for now. Hey, as long as I’m happy, right? I wouldn’t be happy in fast food or retail, so there we go. Maybe I’ll email her when I finish this.

The bowling party was really fun. I didn’t take much pictures there, but I took them afterwards, when I was going home. Look over here. You’ll also see me with my new hair. Oh yes, I did my hair and I’m happy with it. Makes me feel .5% attractive.

I was told to up my packages at Unorthodox Host. So I will. I need help with pricing and stuff too. But I’ll be damned if I’m going to sell a shitload of space for like one buck. Also I’m having a separate advertising thingy for just U-H, so if you have a commercial site (preferrably for web services), email me, and we’ll talk prices.

I’ve been in this funk where I just don’t feel attractive enough. My words? “I’m fat and ugly and no one wants me”. I’m just tired of being single. Really. Just effing tired of it. It’s been 3 years since I’ve been kissed. That’s three years too long. Grr…

Well, that’s pretty much it. I’ll just adopt a cat and become a cat breeder.

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  1. awww dun feel down nat marie!!! gee havent been kissed for three years….ive never been kissed my whole life beat that!!!! haha… you’re bootiful n sexy girl so feel it! thanks for the comment on my blog! and breed those cats =]

  2. Um…excuse me. I have a cat. Thankyouverymuch. And I luff her. But I am in no way a single spinster lady person. Just single…with a cat. Yeah.

    As for everything else…it shall all just disappear…like it does in a fairytale. Believe it girlfriend. Okay…not really. But I swear things will start working out for you. A trip to nice sunny California with Angie, Alecia and Hillary will be just the jumpstart you need. So you better let me fly you out here! Cause we luff you. Lots and lots.

    Okay. I’ve sufficiently rambled enough. xoxo

  3. omg, if you want a cat, you’ve got one. I need to find a home for the kitten I took in. You’re in Queens– just come to Brooklyn and get her πŸ™‚ SHe’s really cute, just doesn’t like other cats that much. Heh.

    You’re beautiful, Nat Marie.

  4. I feel ya on the job issue… I wish you all the best with that! And I hope you feel better! Aww.. I used to say the same things, that I was ugly and why no one wanted to be with me but hey then I found the guy I’m married to so just keep your chin up! *hugs* And don’t give up!!!!

  5. Aww! I’m sorry that your tendon is hurting. πŸ™ I’ve never had that problem before (thank goodness) but I can only imagine how painful it must be. I hope the pain goes away soon!

    Goodluck trying to land the new job! If it makes you happy then you should definately go for it. I work in a supermarket and it SUCKS. I am looking into new options myself.

    Don’t say that! You are beautiful inside and out. You will find some one one day! It just takes time and patience but he’ll be here soon. πŸ™‚

  6. ah we all have our bouts of self-hate, but you must rise above it! good luck finding a job and i hope your tendon gets better. that’s a pain like no other :/

  7. I love your hair! Wish mine was that straight- mine’s so frizzy!:) Cats are always the best- I’m single too- it stinks, but what’s worse is that there is definitely someone who likes/has liked you, but is too shy to tell you. I always find out years later that x liked me- a few years too late.

  8. Your hair looks really nice, very SMOOTH! w00tness. Feel free to email me if you want to talk about the webhosting stuff, I’m sure I could help you out with something somewhere.

  9. Aww.. Once you get a job, you’ll have loads to think about. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Just because you aren’t skinny, doesn’t mean you are not beautiful

  10. It’s not about being in a relationship, it’s about not looking for one. Stop, have fun with who you are, enjoy your life as you are an individual, proud of your heritage or music or website or whatever it is that makes you completely excited. Someone will see that, then want to be a part of that, to get to know you more.

    Being negative is like putting on a sign and saying you want nothing to do with guys; it’s a major turn-off to see a girl not be happy with herself. The only kind of guys you’d attract are guys that would prey on you and take advantage of you.

    That’s my 2 ¢

  11. “Well, thatÒ€ℒs pretty much it. IÒ€ℒll just adopt a cat and become a cat breeder.” —- Ha Ha Ha ! i loved that.

  12. First of all. Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving the comment. I appreciate. πŸ™‚

    Referring to jobs. I’ve been looking for a job recently as well, but i’ve been out of luck. I know how you feel. Good luck with that. Hopefully you and I will find our ideal jobs soon.

  13. Well no one is truly happy with the way they look. As for boyfriends, sometimes I wish I was single. So enjoy it while you can because when you do get a boyfreind, you’ll miss it. I’ve always felt like I haven’t got enough freedom anymore because my boyfriend is ubber paranoid. -_-

    And hey, I like cats.

    I think Link is mighty sexy too. πŸ˜‰

  14. Eep! Maybe you should go to the doctor and check that out, they could have something to ease the pain? Hah. ;P But I hope you feel better soon!

    Good luck finding a job! It’s super hardd, but then again, you’re older than me, so you’ll probably find one real quick! πŸ˜›


  15. Hey!

    Thanks for voting for me! I’d hate to work at a fast food or retail place, they make you wear really retarded uniforms, and besides the tasks get really repetetive. LOL a cat and become a cat breeder….. scary

  16. Your hair looks really good! You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself,you’re not all those things you say about your looks, i know it sucks being single for a long time, but you should also enjoy it. Good luck on findig a job. I’m glad you had fun with your friends, bowling is fun:)

  17. Ah, finding a job really sucks. I used to work at a fast food resturant, and I tell you, you made a great choice by not wanting to work in fast food. It really sucks.

    Yeah, I used to feel very unattractive and all… I think every girl goes through a point in life like that a few times. Just keep your head up and tell yourself “I’m beautiful”, and you should be good. πŸ˜‰

  18. don’t keep feeling that way! it depresses your ownself =/
    think positive thoughts and do positive actions! and I’m sure
    you’ll find a job soon! don’t worry (:

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