Huh? Um…no…

This is interesting…I don’t feel like blogging unless I change my layout when I know it’s time to change it.  So here it is.  I made it a few days ago, but I didn’t put it up until today.  I don’t know why, but that’s the way it just so happened to be.

Okay, get this:! I had the layout just churning in me all this time, but it took me awhile to actually get it on canvas.  I figured that I might as well get it on canvas before I forget how it should look, lol.  So there it is.  All those photos look familar? They’re taken by me. 🙂

So what’s been going on with me.  Basically it’s a “same shit, different day”  kind of status right now.  I go to the outpatient program, which I’m three weeks in already, then I come home…I’d wish to have a date in between, ya know? Make me feel like getting out of the house.  I don’t like going anywhere by myself, and I do need to get laid, so…I dunno, I’m just rambling.  Case in point: I need a partner.  I need a life.

So this weekend, I’m going to Jersey to my sister’s for my other niece’s birthday party.  She’s having a bowling party, as I’ve said in the post below, so I’ll be kicking ass…even if I’m a little rusty after not playing for oh…3 years?  It will be fun.  Oh so fun! The highlight of my life, ha.

I’m still looking for a job.  I was hoping that U-H would be enough,  and eventually it will be, but I guess I can’t cater to people who, for some ungodly reason, wants to have 500MB’s of space for so little money.  It reminds me of that time where this chick wanted a yearly package for 5 dollars a year.  5 dollars a year.  Needless to say I didn’t hear from her after I left her a message.  I was willing to compromise, but not for 5 dollars a year.  That’s just…wrong.  In any event, I might have to tweak my space and stuff if I want to get anywhere.  It shouldn’t be that way, but whatever.  All I know is that I made a decision, and I don’t think I’ll be going back to Target.  Retail is not for me.  Hence, I’m not turning back to the retail world.  I rather do work at home or something.  Yeah, I’d have a lot of fun with that one!

In entertainment news, TomKat had their baby girl.  My opinion?  Whodafuck cares?! As long as I don’t hear about them again, it will be all good…I actually would love to hear that they split, but I’m just evil like that. *muhahaha*

I need to fix my smilies…I’d have to be bored to do so though, ha.

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  1. What an awesome new layout over at UOMe…I love it. I hope you’ll have tons of fun at the party. Good luck with finding a job!

  2. I hope you have fun at Jersey. I know you need to spend some time away from home so I hope you enjoy your time there. I’m glad that you made a decision about Target, although it’s really hard to just work at home. And I’m not saying that to discourage you, I’m just warning you that it might not be so easy at first. Anyway, you need to take your ass down to CA, although at the moment there is no sun so I doubt you’d like it that much.

  3. Working in retail is a lot harder than some folks realize. And it’s true that it isn’t a profession for everyone. I’m sure you’ll be able to find something else though. I’m crossing my fingers! ^^ I’m actually one of those rare people that enjoys working in retail. Don’t get me wrong, I have run into the occassional jerk customer but it happens, unfortunately. I enjoy interacting with people and chatting, I suppose. *lol*

    I think there are too many of us obsessed with what goes on with celebrities. I could frankly care less either but it’s hard to get past all of it when it’s splashed across our news so much. BLEH.

  4. Hey! 🙂 Aww I’m sorry things have been so poopy lately. 🙁 I think we both need to change a few things in our lives… So much to do… I hope you find yourself a job you like! And about getting laid? LOL. Let’s just say you’re not the only one. 🙂

    I totally agree with you about TomKat’s baby. Who the hell cares? I hope Daddy Cruise didn’t choke on the babies placenta. (Hope he did) Mwahahahaha!

  5. I’m sorry that people are being losers and asking for awful hosting packs. Who in their right mind would ask for five dollars a year?!?!

    I can’t relate to not liking retail. I’d love to work in a mervyns/kohls or something. . . I love people and having to deal with them.

    I agree on the ‘TomKat’ subject. That is why I don’t watch English television, and mostly I don’t watch television at all >.>”

  6. Bowling~~ I’ve not been in so many years. I’d still suck, no matter how much I played. xD I really hope you get to do more soon. I’ve in a “same shit, dif day” slump for ages. Of course, it’s all sports related, so I’m not that bummed. But I know what you mean.

    Dude, I don’t get why people are so obsessed w/celeb marriages/familes/whatev. It is like “who gives a shit?” I’d be more impressed if they went and adopted a kid rather than spew more tomkat evil. Ugh.

  7. Yeah i dont feel like blogging either ever. haha. Thats okay though, most of us dont. But yeah it is basically the same everyday. borring. ah well, thats life i suppose. eh? hahahah 5$ a year. wow… thats sad. youre right though, no one cares they had their baby. Leave them alone people, jeez!

  8. I’m loving both new layouts! Great job.

    5 dollars a year for a full hosting package, that’s ridiculous indeed. I hope your hosting project will get you lots of extra money!

    Have lots of fun at the birthday party of your niece this weekend!

  9. I hope you can find a suitable job! I’d totally sign up for hosting but I recently purchased hosting. Had I known you had U-H before, I probably would’ve gone with you.

    And yes, TomKat.. I hate them.

  10. I suck at bowling. I’ve been bowling all my life and I only get 1 or 2 lucky strikes … the rest are gutters & 1-5 pins down.

    Hah. I hope you find a really nice job that fits your needs / wants. Some people are crazy trying to scam people. 5 dollars a year for hosting … HAH! Yah right. I’m sure your hosting project will be successful. =) It takes a while.

    I miss New Jersey … I moved to the opposite .. California. Hah.

    Celebrity couples never work out. But it’s amazing how she’s dreamt of marrying Tom Cruise when she was young and look where she is now. Weird.

  11. I hope things look up for you because everything seems as grey and miserable for you as the sky in the layout you made! Even with the miserable grey sky the layout looks really nice, I like the style! =D

  12. Very nice layout, at your other site! 🙂 I had that a while to, changing layouts every blog! 😀 It’s cool, but you gotta have inspiration!

  13. Hey, stumbled upon your site, love the darkness of it. Anyway, thought id leave a comment since I was here, take care:!:

  14. Hey there, I’m Andrew… I think I may know you from Remissmb…

    Oh man, I love this layout, maybe because I love the color brown, but that’s a different story. I feel the same about my life too, same stuff goes on everyday, nothing exciting… which I hate! I hope your hosting company goes well, I tried that out a while ago, but I was to busy to maintain it, I just own a reseller now…

    Oh, btw… where in NJ did you go? I live there you know…:lol:

  15. That’s crazy, that’s so small.. $5/yr. Hah.

    Why do we revolve our lives so much around a partner? Our lives are only sad because we have made the things “sad” supposidly…

  16. That’s crazy, that’s so small.. $5/yr. Hah.

    Why do we revolve our lives so much around a partner? Our lives are only sad because we have made the things “sad” supposidly…

  17. You have a dedicated server (saw your post at sur) why limit those packages? You should consider overselling your account–that’s the only way you’re relaly going to make profit.

    Most of my customers will use less then 10% of their alloted space (avg under 1GB) and will not even come close to using more then 5GB bandwidth (if that!).

    If you want to make money, compare what other sites offer, and go from there.

    Noone really wants to pay $10 or more for space that’ll be less then 1 GB. I tested it out, and I went from there. Have any questions, e-mail and I’d be glad to help.

  18. Hey!

    Thanks for that help, it makes more sense now.

    $5 for one year!? That girls must be high or something, ‘cuz that’s just really, as you said, wrong!

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