Kaeru basho de aru you ni…

Let there be a place I can return to…

That line from the song “Motherland” (from Full Metal Alchemist) seemed to have stood out from the rest of the lyrics. It can be interpreted in a few ways, but my way of interpreting it was that of “Is there a place in this world for me? There should be, but I haven’t found it yet, and hopefully there is a place in this world that I can ‘return to’ because I would be lost otherwise.” Sounds confusing, right? I know, I’m trying to rework it. But that’s the basic of it.

Anyway, the week has been a little eventful. It really started on Thursday. My mom and I talked about Unorthodox Host over my plucked eyebrows. I explained to her that I’d like to have a web server so I can host more people (because my reseller space was running a bit short), and she was like “why don’t you get it?” I said because it costs an arm and a leg, lol. I explained to her that they run at least 100 bucks a month and that’s without the setup fee. She said, “it doesn’t matter, get it anyway.” Wha? My mom freaked out last year when I bought a video game online with my American Express card, but she has no problem with me spending over 100 bucks a month for a server. Knowing her, she’s probably going to help until I get some revenue from it (which I should), so I shouldn’t worry too much, even though I’m not working for another at least 4 weeks, and I won’t be having a paycheck come to me. Supermommy to the rescue! Hahahaha! Just kidding!

So basically after I put my order in, paid the 155 buck (actually I got it for 124 the first month) price tag, I waited for my server to be set up. It was set up on Sunday evening, and I’ve been playing around with some stuff ever since. Also, my nephews were over so they were helping me out with prices and stuff like that, because I was a little hung up in that department. (Hence, when you see a weird monthly price, it’s all their fault, lol. They don’t understand the concept of even numbers) With that, I bring you Unorthodox Host. The prices went up a little in some places, but that’s to offset the cost of the server, so I really hope that if you need hosting, you would consider it. If you’re going to say “Oh, that’s kind of pricy”, just remember: you get what you pay for. I know of a few hosting companies (both free and paid) that gets hacked so often that it’s not even funny, and look at the price tag…so yeah. I’m not trying to say I won’t get hacked, but hey, what are the odds?

Also, my nephews, my niece and my sister from Jersey came to visit. Y’all already know how much I love having company over, especially when it’s family, so I won’t bore you with that one again, lol. But it was fun. We ordered Chinese food (28 bucks worth), and we had that for dinner. Then I stayed up late with my twin nephews who stayed for a few days. One of those nights they were here, I stayed up till 2 in the morning (haven’t done that in awhile) trying to work out the Unorthodox Host layout (which I was ready to give up on when The Script Goddess came to the rescue!), and watching “Yo Momma” on MTV (That show is fricken hilarious). I couldn’t wake up the next morning, and I ended up oversleeping, but it was well worth it. I won’t do it again though.

My nephews left last night, so I just laid back, and chilled by myself. I hardly get to see them, so I was sad to see them go, but come next week, I’ll see them again, because their sister’s birthday is next week and she’s having a party. A bowling party. Oh yeah, time to kick some ass.

Well, anyway, that’s pretty much it. I’m going to finish up the stuff on the U-H layout, and I’ll work on this one’s layout, and I’ll work on U-o-Me’s new layout…yeah, you get the idea.

17 thoughts on “Kaeru basho de aru you ni…”

  1. First off you’re lucky you’re mom has agreed to get you a server. I won’t be able to afford one until I’ve paid off the bills that are making my credit report scream murder, lol. I really hope your hosting company does well. You’re a great host and I’m sure many people will want your services. HAHA, that sounds bad, lol. Well, hon I’m glad you got to see your nephews and instead of doing nothing for 4 weeks start looking for a new job cause I don’t think Target is worth it and I’m glad I decided against applying there, hah. Love you!

  2. That’s so great that you got your server. I’m so excited! I’ll refer you as much as I possibly can. 🙂 I trust you and know that you’re a reliable person. Thanks again for getting my banner up so quickly.

  3. That’s great that you have your own webserver now. I’m excited for you, hehe. That’s really sweet of your mom.

    I’m glad you had a fun time with your family. Spending time with my family is one of my favorite things too 🙂 It’s great that you’re seeing them again next week!

  4. LOL – Is it just me or do none of your links work? haha, they’re linked as xhref. You gotta add the A if you wanna push business hon hehe.

  5. I love Yo mama too. Best mama’s jokes on the planet. Sounds like you guys had fun, even though you were tired the next day for sure. But you gott love chinese and mama jokes, that’s the best. Hope you have more good times like that. later:wink:

  6. ok. your mom rocks. period.
    I had to pay for my own stuff so I need to consider
    pricing and budget as well. looking for a new webhost,
    perhaps but still, I have to see if I can afford it (:

  7. Hmm… that is a dilema. I offer resellers as low at $10 a month….

    Our server is paid now, but it was $1599 for hardware and some software that was included. We pay Cpanel a license per month and Ubersmith (our chosen billing/ ticket support)…. and then we pay some extra to the datacenter for security per month. It can be expensive. We started our own servers (my business partner and I) about 2 years ago…. and was a reseller for 6 months before that.

    It is a great investment, BUT if you plan to maintain your servers… it will not be easy. If you plan to seek out having it placed in a datacenter, they have some policies about servers owned by individuals. They are not responsible for a lot of things and you have to pay a lot of money for them to do it… that is how they earn their money by charging $30 or more per hour on manual computer work.

    I wish you luck on your decision.

  8. to tell you the truth, the price isn’t that pricey. for 2.75 a month with 2 gig, that’s a steal. hahaha.. i love the name “unorthodox”

  9. Personally, I always thought serves were much more expensive. I’m glad you were able to get your own. That’s really awesome! And how great that your mom was so supportive of you purchasing your own server. She may feel that this is something more important for you than the video game. Who knows? Let’s just be happy she’s so willing to help you out. Moms are cool like that sometimes. ^^ Hee hee!

  10. Wow, that sounds expensive! Glad your mom helped you out 🙂
    Glad you had a good time with your family, and have fun at the party!

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