Gimme your heart…

First and foremost, thanks a million to the 21 people who commented on my last blog. I really appreciated it, and you will all get comments back if I haven’t gotten to you yet. THANK YOU!!

I started the outpatient program last Wednesday. Basically it’s a program for those with mental illness to meet new people, join in different groups (my favorite is the art one), and just have fun, even though it’s a rather serious program. I’ll be a professional in pool when I leave there in six weeks, lol. I’m still getting a feel for it, so I don’t participate too much in the group discussions, but I’m sure that will change in a few weeks.

This weekend was pretty fun. My aunt and uncle came from Maryland and stayed a few days at my house. 😀 Then on Saturday, my aunt and cousin came from the Bronx and we had some jerk pork and steamed fish. Then the men of the family (and even some who isn’t part of the family, but felt the need to eat at my house) came in after a long day of drinking (lol) and ate some food…then 10 minutes later, they were out. I found it pretty funny. The only lowlight of my weekend was the fact that I had this bad headache that was going on for days. Usually I would have a headache then it would go away. But this one didn’t. We were speculating that it could be allergies or just my eyes being a bitch. I think it’s my allergies acting up because guess what? My nose is stuffy and my eyes are itching like a bitch. Not fun, I tell ya.

Brianna’s birthday is tomorrow. (For those who have no idea who I’m talking about, I’m talking about my very precocious and prissy niece) She’ll be 6 tomorrow. It’s funny how I have a picture of me holding her when she was only like a month old, and now, 6 years later, I have to hear her say that something is “a disaster”. Yes, she said that. She even said something about plants “e…something (lol, can’t remember what word she said) and producing”. I was like… 😮 This is what happens when you send your kids to private school. They learn about shit you never knew about if you went to public school. But I’m proud of her nonetheless. I’m proud of all my nieces and nephews.

Speaking of nieces and nephews, the other four is coming this weekend. So yet, another full house again. I love company, lol. I find it pretty sad that my sister hates it, lol. I feed off of it, lol. But anyway, my twin nephews are staying for spring break. We’ll see what we can do. Hopefully the weather won’t suck.

Ooh, I took some pictures of nature! I’m a nature fiend, am I not? The weekend was warm so I was able to get away with it. You can see the pictures here. Yes, ever since I got my digital camera, I’ve developed a photography hobby. I’m not very good at it, but hey, I never said I was. Enjoy.

I’ve pretty much ran out of stuff to say, so I’m off to return comments. Thanks for the comments, and I love ya!

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  1. The place actually sounds fun& relaxing, but at the same time … really serious? @[email protected];; I hope it’s enjoyable. Anyway, I love family. Or … most of them anyway. However some of them just get on my last nerves -__-;; So I understand your sister’s hating. XD &I can’t see your pictures. ;_; Though I bet they’re lovely!

  2. You sound a lot better in this entry. Maybe I’m just ‘reading’ into it. (haha, what a lame pun). Anyway– I’m glad that you’re having so much company and your neice is growing up and getting smart alecy. It’s so cute when that happens! Hehe. I love talking to little kids. They are the best!!! Hehe. Have a great day 🙂

  3. I love having a full house. It’s just so rowdy and nice and I just love it. But there are times when I’m like, “don’t these people have a house of their own.” But I usually like it full. haha. I know what you mean about your niece. I have a cousin whom I love to death and beyond and he’s so cute. I first saw him when he was in the incubator and now he’s the big 2. I love seeing him grown into a little boy. It’s so…. rewarding and funny since he’s like bilingual @ such a young age.

    You sound more cheerful and I’m happy for you. The thing you’re attending sounds like a nice experience. I know you will get a lot of good from it. It’s ok to be a little reserved since you barely started, but I’m sure in no time you’ll be joining in on the discussions. Have a great week!!

  4. Sounds like you had a blast, which I’m glad to hear! I hope that program of yorus goes well and I’m sure you’ll do great in it. Man, you have so much family, lol. It’s weird for me I guess because I’m not really used to it. Like when Robby’s family was down it was so overwhelming I wanted to shoot myself, hah. I mean I enjoy company but sometimes it can be just too much, so I supposed I can relate to how your sister feels.

    Have a great time with your nieces and nephews this weekend, you deserve to kickback and relax and let’s hope by then your allergies have calmed down. Love you too.

  5. aww how cute are those pic of ur family!!
    the other piics are fab as well i love digitale cams as well!
    you have a lot od neices and nephews lol and they all sound lovely!!!

  6. Fun! I love pool! I hope you enjoy yourself… always good to be out and social 😀

    Aww family… love ’em and hate ’em at times. lol. You sound like you’re having a good run with them lately though 🙂

  7. Sounds like a big bag of fun, without the N. But at least you’re settling in now… and hopefully the OP program will help keep you stable and from relapsing. Go Nat!

    PS: Despair sent me this time… but I’ve been here before!!!

  8. You sound so happy in this blog, for which I’m really glad 🙂 It’s awsome that you had such a great time the past week!

    Hehe, don’t have to tell me about the allergies! I’ve had a master headache last week too.

    I love having a full house and spending time with my family too. Congrats to your little niece! She sounds cute.

  9. I wish you nothing but the best with that program. Sounds very interesting.
    I love spending time with family. Some of mine is coming to town this weekend, but I have to friggin WORK ;/ gah. I was exactly like you when I got my digi a year ago. I took pictures of the most random things lol. Even though you may not think you’re the greatest photographer; you’ll definately get better & more of the hang of it over time. I’ve definately been lagging on my photos lately. I’m sure I’ll pick it up again since SPRING is coming :]

  10. The outpatient program actually sounds kind of relaxing. I’ve always wanted to join a group that allowed me to escape my stresses and problems. Hope all is well..

  11. Hello there. 🙂 I give you so much credit for doing what you’re doing. It’s not easy taking care of people with mental illnesses so you should definately be proud of yourself. Not everyone wants to do it.

    Most of the time I do like a packed house too. It’s just nice having a loud night with family just doing whatever comes to mind. And the dinners rock too 🙂 But when there is drama it isn’t the greatest experience in the world you know?

    Goodluck with photography! You don’t have to be absolutely great in it – you just have to have fun! And happy birthday to your 6-year old niece. 🙂

  12. Well good luck on your program! and I grew a huge digital passionaria camera obsession too. lol If i ever make sense this is not the case.


  13. nice pictures.. i wish i could take some. but i dont have a digital cam.. so no. me can’t take pics. oh well.

    happy- b-day to your niece. 😀

  14. I have seen so many good things happen to people on outpatient programs, so I definitely think it’ll be a good thing for you!

    Your niece sounds similar to my sister’s godmothers daughter. Very intelligent and she knows it. It’s cute and endearing but can sometimes be so freakin’ annoying. is up, by the way. I’m kinda miffed I couldn’t make my own layout for it though.

  15. HEY! I know you’ve seen me around on Re-Told…I was checking out your site, and it helped me get to know a lot more about you. You seem like such a unique cool person. I like wrestling too btw, what’d ya think of Mickie James taking the womens championship?? I thought it rocked!!! Well, feel free to email or contact me, you seem like a real cool person.

  16. Ooo, I’m so happy that your excited about that program. =) Those programs are pretty good and I’m sure it’ll help you out with everything. *cheers* And aww, aren’t family days so great? I love them so much! Hehe, pretty sad that I don’t get them as much anymore though. *sighs* Oh well, I’ll live with it somehow. Or I’ll trick family into coming more often. BWHAHA! 🙄 And a happy birthday to your niece for me! :mrgreen:

  17. Good luck on the program, no way you like the art program?! I love art, I wish there was something like that for me when I was suffering from depression, the “help” I got was lousy. All the best with this though, it sounds awesome!

  18. My assigned comment for…

    Hi! 🙂 I love the colour scheme here, and your content is all pretty interesting. I read some of your blog– sounds like you and I would get on well together. ^_^ I’m definitely bookmarking this site. By the way, though, did you know that your smileys are broken?

    I suffer from mental illness myself, but nobody ever offered to get me into a program for help, so I continue to fight it on my own, insofar as I can. Good luck with it… sounds like fun, kind of. 🙂

    Well. I really like your site, so… I guess that’s my comment! ^_^

  19. I hope your headache/allergies improve… maybe go to the doctors if it doesnt?
    Good luck with the program. I hope it helps 🙂

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