Oh no they didn’t!

I hated. I mean absolutely positively hated that last layout. So here’s something better. I told you it was going to come down sooner or later. I like how this one came out. It took me all day to figure out how to make it (well, actually, I scanned some pictures from a magazine and I was going to use them, but I was lost, so I went to look for new pictures, and was told by The Resource Goddess to go here, and I fell in love with these pictures, so I used them). I’m happy. A helluva lot better than the last one, I’d tell you that. Note to self, don’t use patterns, lol.

Now, as you can see, my title up there means that I am pissed off at something…or someone. Well, I’m not pissed at anyone…maybe except my boss. Here’s what the fucker did.

So basically I’ve been working part time shifts even though I asked to be hired full-time. I’m not as pissed off about that anymore, because the reasoning behind it is that the earlier I go home, the faster I can get off my feet. Good reasoning, considering that it’s getting worse, my foot problem. Now I work 4 days a week now. Starting the week of the 18th, the week of my birthday by the way, I’m working only 3. That means I’m only working 15 hours that week, and possibly the upcoming weeks after that. Which ultimately means…less money. Haha, how fucking fun. Now there’s the part of me that doesn’t mind it because I can use the break, but working only 15 hours, and I can work at least 20 is beyond stupid. I don’t know what possessed my boss to give me that, but whatever. I just feel like leaving now. That place is a war zone on the weekends, and I’m not getting paid enough to deal with dumb ass customers asking me stupid questions. Or watching them get into a fight.

Like today, this Black lady and (I’m thinking) Guyanese lady were going at it. And I couldn’t do shit. I wanted to tell them to both shut the fuck up, but that’d cost me my job, lol. It was a lot of name calling. Then the Guyanese woman had the audacity to call the Black woman a “stupid Black nigger”. That just did it for me. If I wasn’t tired enough, to hear that remark, I found it offensive. But it was both their faults, and me being too nice and neutral, I didn’t tell them to shut their trap. Go Peachy. (end sarcasm)

I know you didn’t want to hear about my sucky ass job, but I have no love life, no social life, and no other life to talk about, so deal with it…unless you want to hook me up. Hahahaha!

15 thoughts on “Oh no they didn’t!”

  1. Ugh I hate it when people start throwing names around like they know what they’re talking about. It’s the most annoying thing in the world to hear people insulting each other. I’m sorry that you have to deal with all of that. I love the new layout, and I love foto decadent. I showed the resource goddess that community, I’ll have you know lol. At any rate, it SO sucks that you’re getting your hours cut. I hope you find a better job ASAP! *hugs* 🙂

  2. Yes, Rachel did give me the link that site and I think I’ve tired of it for now, lol. But I’m glad it served some use for you. I do love this layout, it’s very neutral and I like that, merely because you use stick to either light or dark layouts and never do something in between.

    Like, I told you earlier you have WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY to much patience, lol. I’d have quit that job long damn time ago, even if I needed the money. I’m sorry but it seems like they take you for granted, and that shit ain’t cool.

    Anyway, go get people to donate to my fund, lol. My computer is screaming second hard drive, okay, well maybe that’s just me, but that’s still not the point, hah. 🙂

  3. It’s okay! You have more of a social life than me! lol I’m only 14, so I can’t get a job yet and I’m always broke. ;D I like this layout, it’s nice. =)

  4. Ugh. Gotta hate jobs where the boss isn’t consistantly scheduling, you’re constantly on your feet and dealing with rude customers who call you names. I’m sorry you have to deal with that.

  5. ok… it is my opinion that anyone who ever has to deal with customers (including teachers.. cuz technically they have two sets of customers.. the kids.. AND ther parents) should be getting paid closer what professional athletes are getting. i mean.. seriously.. i worked in retail for a while.. and surprisingly i got out alive. 😀

    and ps. i love the colors of this layout. really nice.

  6. I love your layout. fotodecadent seems to be an excellent resource,I’ve heard lots of people talk about it. (Okay,you would probably say they wrote it,but who cares 😛 )
    I hope you find a better job soon.
    Those women sure must have been annoying. I hate it when people insult others because of their colour. It just sucks.

  7. I love it when someone makes an ass of themselves in public by calling someone else some kind of racial insult. There’s nothing more entertaining than knowing the pure ignorance of someone. Sadly, it’s also depressing because of the one person that “slipped” out of anger there could be many, many more that hold back their true feelings.

    (from despair)

  8. An American who likes our Kylie? That must be a first – but great nonetheless.

    Anyway regarding your job. Ditch the fucker. I worked a cafe over summer (just finished for us) but now that uni’s back for the year, I’m dumping it. That said I want to (or rather have committed to) travel to South America from November this year to February next, so a cash stream might be fairly neccessary, or I may find that I only just make it to the airport.

    Love the site, keep up the great work.


  9. I’m sorry things are doing too well for you at your job, but I do hope they get better! 🙂 Happy early birthday, too!

  10. I don’t think I’d be able to just stand there and listen to two people fight with out doing anything that would possibly make the situation worse… so I guess it’s a good thing that I don’t work there. xD I just can’t tolerate that kind of stuff. Maybe it’s just best to walk away… xP I don’t know, it’s just a really crappy thing to be involved with. People like that need to find more mature ways of dealing with things.

    I love your layout by the way. =]

  11. I love the site name font on this layout!! I never thought people actually used the N word anymore. I’m surprised! 😯

  12. Gah, I know exactly how you feel about work.. being as I work in retail as well. Some RUDE people just ruin your day, drives me craaaaazy. I, too, don’t know how long I’ll be able to take it. My store manager hates me sooooo soon enough, I may have to quit. OHOH; I too need to be hooked up haha.

  13. You know what’s weird?? When people call black people niggers, it offends me too. 😡 I so should have been born black! haha Im like well what are you, a fucking little chink whore?? HUH??!?! CHINK WHORE?!?!?!?! gah!!! YOU LOOK SO SEXYYY!!! Marry me. 😛

  14. ugh, i feel your pain. i used to work at walmart and it was nothing but hurting feet and asshole customers 🙄 i would limp every night after work because my feet hurt so much.

    we once had a guy come in smoking, and we’re not allowed to tell him to put it out for some screwed up reason. he blew smoke in my face, and the guy working the section with me almost got into a fist fight when he stood up for me 😯

  15. Hey, grrrr about your job i hate bitchy customors but rude ones are the worst! i would love too tel them to f*ck up… grrr i thin you handeled it right!!

    Btw love the layout its fabby!

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